Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Grade 1 and Brainpop Jr

Grade 1 students are studying the scientific process.  We watched the Brainpop Jr videos below to better understand how to be a good scientist.  We also played the games and activities attached to each video.

Making Observations

Science Projects

Scientific Method

Students can now watch the Tally Chart video on their own at thier work stations and then complete the tally mark activity below:

Tally Mark Video

Tally Mark Activity

Grade 2 'What Makes You Say That?'

Grade 2 is practicing the Visible Thinking routine 'What Makes You Say That?'  They are using an online mind mapping tool called 'BBC Pinball.'

Students chose one of the following images to begin their Visible Thinking routine and saved it to their Pictures file:

They made a mind map using BBC Pinball answering the following questions and uploading one of the above images:

What is going on in this image?

What makes you say that?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Grade 1 Scientific Process Powerpoints

PYP-1 is creating a PowerPoint presentation for their study of the Scientific Process .  We are learning how to:
  • Open, name and save a Powerpoint Presentation
  • Create slides in Powerpoint
  • Change the background design
  • Change font size, type and color
  • Use Google Image search to find images for our presentation
  • Use our right click button on our mouse to save an image to our files and insert into Powerpoint
The presentation will have the following:
  • 1 title slide with student name and presentation title 'The Scientific Process'
  • 1 slide with the title: Predict
  • 1 slide with the title: Try It
  • 1 slide with the title: Observe
  • 1 slide with the title: Analyze
  • 1 slide with the title: Learned

PYP-4 Uses Glogster

PYP-4 is using the online program, Glogster.

Grade 4 Glogster Expectations

They enrolled under our Copenhagen International School account using the enrollment code: see Kathy

Click on the image below to follow the link for our CIS sign-up.

  • Use your CIS username 2 times as your nickname
  • Use your CIS password 2 times as your Glogster password
  • Type in the code they give you as a security
  • You may check that you are 13 years old or older since you have teacher permission
  • Be sure to check that you agree to the terms of use

Once you have signed up for an account, go to Create at the top of the page and practice creating a Glog.  Watch the video below for more information.

More Video Tutorials